6 ways to color clear resin

From small creations in transparent epoxy resin to fine wooden tables, color conquers everything.

Those who work with transparent epoxy resin sooner or later feel the call of colors. The allure of a neon or pearl, opaque or shiny, crystalline or glitter effect is even more irresistible when it is easy to work with the type of color that is preferred from the first use.

With this article, the experience of Resin Pro offers practical suggestions to inspire lovers of transparent and colored epoxy resin with 6 different effects, offering professional and long-lasting products:

With explosion effect, Mystik Ink is suitable for smooth surfaces. The ideal for this solvent-based ink is a dose that is not higher than 1% to prevent the transparent resin with which it is made from being damaged;

Neon pigments with a color base are perfect for decoupage, decorations and for industrial uses that are added to resins, paints or varnishes. The definition of neon could be confusing, the effect is guaranteed but they are not phosphorescent and do not glow in the dark;
Sahara Pearline pigments based on mica, when brushed in the molds and molded in the resin, as Nina Creations shows in this video, give a blurred result and avant-garde color effects;

Emerald, Amber, Ruby, Turquoise, Amethyst. For a crystal effect with these precious shades, simply mix a teardrop of the magic crystal colors with the epoxy resin and the transparency will acquire a crystalline result, as demonstrated by La bottega di Linda;

The colored paste has a totally different effect. Obviously, the effect varies from semi-transparent to pastel colors depending on the percentage of the color mixed with the epoxy resin. It is always advisable to be careful when exceeding the recommended doses of color so as not to affect the catalysis process.

Iridescent glitter is indispensable, nowadays it is also very fashionable in manicure and nail art. The brilliance of ResinPro production combines quality raw materials, consisting of a metallized polyester film with 98% pure aluminum, in an innovative technology. The result is a brilliant creation that can be: multi-color glitter, royal blue glitter, fuchsia glitter, purple glitter, silver holographic glitter

The wonderful results of the combination of transparent epoxy resin and colored dyes or pigments can be seen not only in small creations, but also in wooden tables worked by professionals in the sector capable of giving a second life to waste materials. The results of this set of colored resin between the fissures and cracks of wood are worthy of a Murano glass work.

If you have read this article, have found inspiration for the effect that suits you best, here are the best professional products to color the resin safely and with excellent results.

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